Apr. 15th, 2013

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That brings up the image of stalking a building as it roams over the plains, before bringing it down with a well placed shot from an elephant gun.

So, I've visited a whole bunch of places now. There were a couple of flats - one in Cholsey, the other in Wallingford centre. Both were rather similar, in that they had reasonable size rooms, but no storage or even somewhere I could store my bike. That makes life kind of awkward, so although they were quite cheap, those go on my no list.

The two places I'm really properly considering are both houses in Berinsfield, a village between Oxford an Wallingford. It's not the best area in the county; it was built in the 50's on an old airfield (according to the Wikipedia page, the place Glen Millar took his last flight from) and was council housing. A lot of that has been bought out with RTB, and there's a fair amount of new build, but it still has the stigma of being a council estate. However, it is close to work, and it does have all the services in the village, and I've spoken to people who live there and they seem to like it there - certainly, there were no gangs of ferals running around when I was there.

The first place was the strangely laid out, 2-bed 3-bath semi. It has a garage, and room for storage, but the rooms are a bit small - particularly the bedrooms. It also has the new build trick of the party walls being nothing more than plasterboard.

The other place is an ex-council 3-bed terrace. It's big. Huge. Comparable to my parents place. The third bed is the size of the master bed in the previous house. It's solidly built, with a recently replaced kitchen, boiler and bathroom. It's also £15k cheaper than the other place. There are a couple of odd things about it, though. There's no parking - apart from the street - no garage (although you can rent one), and it's strangely presented, in that the rear faces the street (over a set of garages) and the front faces a little green square surrounded by other houses. I get the feeling there's a lot of young families in the area, which might be a bit annoying.

If these two houses were the same price, I'd be much more conflicted about which one I preferred. The smaller house being higher priced, though, puts me firmly towards the bigger, cheaper house. I'm going back to look at them again tomorrow, and I may take a walk around the area later at night, to check it's not bad at all. They do say that's a good idea.


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