Jun. 5th, 2013

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I bought Borderlands 2 over the weekend, and have been wasting my time on that rather than Mass Effect 3. It's fun, and lightweight in the way it plays; there's only one skill per character, and the bonuses you get through levelling don't seem to have much effect, so it's all about the guns, which are great. Currently I'm running with an assault rifle / minigun that shoots explosive rounds, a sniper rifle that sets enemies on fire, and a shotgun that reloads by throwing it at the enemy, whereupon it explodes, which is great fun. I have found that the sniper rifle is way overpowered, at low levels at least: huge levels combined with enemies with close range weapons and a tendency to pause to reload lead to headshots galore. Also, I'm only level 15 and already I'm finding sidequests just mean plowing through already cleared areas, that are now repopulated with mooks at such low levels it's easier to ignore them and tank the damage rather than fight them. There's a few bugs as well, pick up items for quests that need to be picked up two or three times before they actually pick up, things that won't light on fire, but that may just be me; I see a lot of bugs most people don't.


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