Jun. 27th, 2013

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Just after I make a post about how powerless I feel in the whole house buying process, I find out that the deal has fallen through. After another week of silence from the estate agent, I rang them up, and got told that the seller is pulling out. Apparently, they hadn't even considered whether they would have enough of a deposit to buy a new place once they sold this - and they didn't; at least not for the size of house they needed. I have no idea how they afforded that place. Presumably it's mortgaged to the hilt.

What really galls me is that they were scrabbling around for cash for weeks. That's weeks of fucking about while I waited to hear from them, pissing about while I sat on my arse and worried. Plus, there's a time limit on the mortgage offer, so that's got closer to running out.

I'm shy of a thousand pounds out, too. Not all of it is completely wasted: the solicitor is still hired, the mortgage arranged, but the survey and electrician money is lost (hey, at least I don't have to get the wiring fixed). Strangely, I'm less angry about that than I am about the time lost.

Still, it goes to show how impotent the buyer is when buying a house. I pay out, and get nothing in return, just because he was an idiot that couldn't work out how much money he had.


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