Jul. 16th, 2013

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Well, I've been busy. And without internet for a while; it's still not properly up, and I'm having to use the BT wifi hotspots to connect, which I didn't know about until I connected to one. It's a very handy service to have about, but it would be very expensive if we don't get internet sorted out soon.

But why do I need new internet? Because I've had to move. The builders are in the house I just left, but I have managed to find a new place: with the same folk I was living with before - the house they are renting had a spare room - lucky for me! It's a bit awkward in that it's twice as far from work, including a narrow road up a steep hill with bushes close to the sides which is a right nightmare to cycle up. It wouldn't be so bad if my car hadn't broken down again: after another week of fiddling, they finally determined it was the ignition control unit, swapped it out and sent it back to me - at which point the coolant exploded all over the road and it overheated. While their guy was in it, so I can have a go at them for fucking it up this time.

Having no car has made it rather difficult to look at houses, of course. I'm thinking about upping the price range I'm looking at a little - hopefully I'll be able to negotiate down.

The heat is starting to get to me a little, as well. By the time I've finished my (double length!) bike ride, I'm dripping with sweat. I'm running through a lot of sun screen going there and back as well, and I've still managed to pick up a little sun burn.


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