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Car has gone from worse to dead. Or at least dying. So, to recap: it broke down two weeks ago, with ignition problems. After a week, they sort out that it's not the keys, or the transponder, or the ECU, but just the ignition control unit. That gets swapped out, then as it's being driven back to me, the cooling pump explodes and dumps water all over the road (that's bad). When fixing that, they find that the destruction was caused by a badly fitted gasket, which had jumped up so far it could be seen from the outside of the engine (that's worse). Fitting a new gasket, they find that the timing belt is misaligned (that's even worse). Not just a little misaligned, but so badly fitted that it's gouged a groove half an inch deep in the cover. All the little bits of filings created from that had to go somewhere, and that somewhere was into the engine (OH GOD WHAT).

I got to have a look at it over the weekend, and it's as bad as it sounds. The bearings all have visible lines scored in them, and you could see the mass of filing at the bottom of the oil. Basically, it's ruined. While it will run, it's pretty guaranteed that it won't last for very long. The damage to the engine is everywhere, and basically needs a new engine to fix.

The frustrating part about this is that whoever changed the timing belt must have known something was wrong. The noise it made while making that groove must have been horrendous. They fucked up the car, sold it on, and I'm left holding the potato when the scythe falls. For the second time in the space of a month, I find myself out of pocket in a large way due to someone else's incompetence or lack of care, and once again I have no recourse or way of getting my money back. Yes, I bought it from a dealer, but they are going to say they weren't the ones to change the belt, and I'll have nothing.

It makes me concerned that if I do buy a house, there will be something very wrong with it, and again I'll have no way of checking, only finding out months later. I've paid for someone else's mistake twice now - how can I say it won't happen again?

Still. Practically, I need a car - without one, I can just about move in the rut between home and work, but if I want to move outside of that, I will need one. I hope this corsa will last long enough to get me to find one. I don't know if any garage will accept a part exchange. Maybe I should just get an old banger and run it into the ground, since the more expensive ones that have been checked can't be trusted.


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