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So, it may have come to your attention that Dansk Folly hasn't been updating recently. There's two real reasons for this: firstly, I'm a bit lazy, and wanted a break. The other? I'm not happy with it. The character have run away with the story, taking it in directions I didn't want. There are too many unresolved plot points that the storyline was moving too slowly to catch up with before yet more branched off, bits got dropped and left silly things hanging. I talk as if this is the fault of the characters, rather than my own, but in a way, I feel like it is.

So, here's what I intend to do: Start over again.

Yep, take it back to the beginning, going from strip one. The characters are pretty much the same, although the relationships between them have been redefined, hopefully creating more interesting, dynamic and changing cast. This is something I've been thinking off for a while. Over the course of Dansk Folly, I've learned quite a bit about storytelling, and hopefully I'll be able to create a story that has better, more vibrant characters, tighter, quicker plotting and is better overall.

Basically, I got bored with the old story, and couldn't finish it. I intend to do better this time.

I haven't decided what to do with the old comics yet. When I finally get proper control of the site, I'm going to take down the old comics, at least for the time being. They might go back up as a separate run, eventually. Anyway, that's a moot point, as at the moment, I can't get the main updater to work - the damn instructions aren't complete, I can't remember my password for the life of me, and the 'lost password' page for Keenspace - sorry, 'Comicgenisis' is buggered. In the meantime, you can see the design I'll be using for the new layout in the updated arts page here, or the cast list here.

I'd like to say thank you to those of you who emailed me about Dansk Folly and got my 'Please be patient' reply, it does mean a lot to me that you care enough about my creation to do that.

So, look forward to the new Dansk Folly - Coming next week (if I can get the damn site working)!


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