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Sir Terry Pratchett died today.

The first time I was handed a Pratchett book (Weird Sisters) was before I had seen the scottisish play, so the references went completely over my head. I could see there was something funny there, but I simply didn't have the knowledge to understand it. A few years later, I picked up one of the earlier books in the Discworld series - and devoured the whole series up to Soul Music, which had just come out. And in it, there was a lot of stuff I didn't get - I was only 12 at the time - but when I didn't get a joke, I went out and found why the joke was funny, found the reference that made it make sense. Every book, there was something new I'd never considered. Something I learned from them.

Each time a new book came out, from then, I got the hardback, and stored it carefully - I still have them. I bought all the other Pterry books available, then started looking for the ones that aren't. I even managed to get a copy of The Hades Buisiness. Never seen one of the plays, though. I probably should.

So, yes, Sir Terry Pratchett had a huge impact on my life. His death today was a big shock. The thought that there's never going to be another Discworld book after The Shepard's Crown comes out is like a looming darkness - I'm going to take a long time to read that. His style of writing, the easy humour that turns your view on the world to a differen angle is something that no other writer I've read has managed to replicate. I'm going to miss that.

I think I'm going to go re-read some books.


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