May. 21st, 2013


May. 21st, 2013 06:54 pm
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I've finally found myself a new wallet. The search has been going on for years now, because it seems there is a fundamental disconnect between what I consoder vital in a wallet and what manufacturers the world over produce. A wallet should jave three things: a olace to store cards, a place to store notes, and a place to store coins. Simple, right?

Apparently not. I've been looking in every single place that sells wallets for one that does all three, from little places in that had one basket by the counter to entire market stalls to entire tourist shopping centres in Turkey, but not one had a proper wallet. I could have my notes and cards safe but jingle when I walk, or have my notes all screwed up, or have my cards get scratched up. The wallet I have been using had space for cards and coins, but the note space wasn't big enough, so even my fivers had to be folded in half.

But now I've found not one decent wallet, but two in as many days. The first I picked up in a beach-side tourist tat place, the second at a factory outlet for a surf shop. (Also, I am on holiday this week - attempting to surf in Devon again.) I can't really believe that it's taken such a long time to find such a simple thing as a wallet. Not a world ending problem, but it has been such a long irritation.


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