Apr. 11th, 2007 08:54 pm
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Well, that was a Easter weekend of good and bad. Didn't start out too well on Friday, with a Family-Sized row that I still don't know the cause of, as I only got out of bed in time to be hit with a frying pan (no, really). After that, the sister abducted me over to her boyfriends house, where we spent the day decorating. His house was pretty badly decorated when he bought it last year (whoever invented textured wall paper should be shot), and because he spends a lot of time at work , he only does thing to it on the holidays - the wallpaper's been off since October, but the walls weren't ready to be painted. We spent most of the time preparing them, although we did manage to get the upstairs landing painted. Although I did cause a slight problem with the party wall downstairs. I was just chipping off a little raised plaster, and - well, if the bricks were that badly mortared, they were going to cause a problem sooner or later, weren't they? I barely touched them, and the bricks just came away in my hands. It was badly made!

Anyway, they've called in a professional builder to look at it.

Meanwhile, things calmed down at home. It was a very nice weekend, especially weather wise: it's been very clean and clear, crisp but not too cold in the morning, with beautiful sun the whole day without getting too hot, and dry. Went for a very pleasant walk with the family to the Isle of Wight barn on Sunday (after more painting), saw a lot of wildlife.

Monday was again more plastering and sanding, followed by trying out disc golf - basically, frisbee at targets, over a course to the north-west of Leamington. It's quite fun, although I managed to collect splinters in some interesting places climbing a tree after someone's disc got stuck. It's one of those games that is easy to pick up but difficult to get really good with.

The weekend ended well, although I didn't get much time to myself - I spent the first two days staying over at the sister's boyfriend's house, and most of the rest of the time, I was busy doing stuff with people, so it wasn't very relaxing. I feel pretty darn knackered right now.


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